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Open Beta: Race Runners

Open beta will start on 16.05.2015.

Everybody who attends the open beta will receive all level packs during beta.
Everybody who gives some feedback to support@epicnerf.com will keep the level packs unlocked after Beta.

How does it work?
Join the public google group: http://groups.google.com/d/forum/race-runners-open-beta-android
Everybody in this group will be able to install Race Runners over the Google App store.

Contribution like feedback or app store promotion material will result in unlocked stuff for the release version.
Same as Indigogo perks:

  • All level packs: easy to get (e.g. feedback)
  • Character skins + upper: more afford needed (e.g. a lot good feedback)
  • Rich item + upper: hard to get (e.g. promotion material)
  • Wizard character + upper: very hard to get (e.g. a lot promotion material incl video)

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