Cheers promotion codes

I am proud to share some Cheers promotion codes with you! These codes are "one use codes" and will unlock all games from Cheers. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=at.plkl.Cheers Have a look at the attached image if you do not know how to use them. You are very welcome to drop a message if none of the codes are [...]

Get cheers, get drunk, get wasted!

Boring party? Nothing to do? Get cheers, get drunk, get wasted! Cheers provides a huge collection of interactive drinking games and is finally released into the wild through the Google play store. Get it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=at.plkl.Cheers Features: Unique implementation of the famous game Mexicali A lot of supported languages, more are on their way No need to [...]

Race Runners hits the google play store

Hurray! Race Runners is released to the google play store today! Download it here!

Open Beta: Race Runners

Open beta will start on 16.05.2015. Everybody who attends the open beta will receive all level packs during beta. Everybody who gives some feedback to [email protected] will keep the level packs unlocked after Beta. How does it work? Join the public google group: http://groups.google.com/d/forum/race-runners-open-beta-android Everybody in this group will be able to install Race Runners [...]

Closed beta: Race Runners

Race Runners will enter a closed beta soon. This phase is primarily for testing the multiplayer part. If you want to join the beta of Race Runner continue reading for more information. Race Runner beta will be distributed over the Google app store. Requirements for beta join: Android device with touch screen Access to the [...]

Contribute to Race Runners

Want to contribute to Race Runners? Here is what I need help with: Promotion Material for indiegogo campaign (coming soon) Material for app store and this website Spread the game Closed Beta As reward for your help you will get all current and future level packs for free.


Boring party? Nothing to do? Get cheers, get drunk, get wasted! Currently in closed beta. Features: Over 20 drinking games Supports 3 languages (de, en, fr), more are on their way! Dice, wheel and card games Favorite system and intuitive filters Unique implementation of the famous game Mexicali

Race Runners on Indiegogo

Race Runners arrived on Indiegogo. Have a look at the awesome perks. Some are contributors only gifts and others may even put you in the game.